Engaging Workshops

Fun, creative, highly effective conflict resolution and communication improvement drama workshops used to empower participants to become skilled problem solvers and powerful agents of change

Improved Communication

Discover effective communication skills. Explore Prevention Methods. Develop understanding of the diversities within your team.  Act out ways in which you can avoid and resolve conflicts and issues at work

Effective Results

Discover unique conflict management methods that achieve effective and positive results within your workplace. Stimulate knowledge and discovery, perception and recognition whilst gaining tools for development that will change the pulse of your business

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What We Will Talk About

We seek to fully understand the needs of your workplace so that we can help you develop a positive workplace culture and ensure effective communication and positive well-being in the office is achieved.

  • Discover what would work for you as a business
  • Identify trouble areas and issues
  • Explore different strategies to improve your workplace culture 

At Resolve we follow a 3 step process to achieve employee happiness within your business

  • Define (A detailed needs analysis for your company)
  • Design (A proposal of solutions based on your company targets)
  • Perform (Bespoke targeted services delivered directly where it’s needed)

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Conflict Resolution Workshops

Hear from these individuals at different stages in their career from Senior level managers, middle management and key staff members in organisations

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What They’re Saying

“"The event was a new approach to workplace conflict resolution. It taught the listener about conflict resolution approaches as well as learning about the causes and effects of workplace conflict"”

Eve CrawfordProduct Designer

“"It has given me insight into how to deal with potential problems at work"”

Aura BrooksGraphic Designer

“"Superb for team building/conflict resolution"”

Sammy MessiahCIO St Mary University

“"Empowering and insightful"”

Zak ReidInstructor, Skate Nao

“"This offers some valuable insights into avoiding conflicts through scenarios presented"”

Jack GrahamCo Founder, Coffee Inc

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Conflict is a part of everyday life, but when it happens in the workplace, it costs you money…a lot of money. 

Then this fun, creative, and highly effective conflict resolution drama workshop is the tool you need to empower yourself and your colleagues to become skilled problem solvers and powerful agents of change.

If you are a leader in business and you’re tired of…

  • Wasting time listening to employee complaints
  • A loss of productivity as people spend more time worrying about conflict rather than the business goals
  • Sickness & Absenteeism
  • Employee turnover
  • Emotional withdrawal
  • Lifeless & boring training events